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Testimonials we received from our private money lending customers

See what our customers in private money loans say about us.

"…We had a very hard deal … and Jim got it done… we are greatful to you and him for everything…"
A.T., Borrower
"Thanks for the quick movement on the transaction…I greatly appreciate the speed with which you moved and your professionalism in getting the deal done so quickly.
G.L., Borrower
Without your assistance at a very critical point in time, I most likely would have lost the property… I was able to recover about all I had put into the property…I actually came out ahead. This was nothing short of a miracle…
D.H., Borrower
Thank you so much for your friendship and assistance on the 10 acres.
J & M, Borrower
We have had the pleasure of working with Presidio Mortgage Company for over twenty-five years, and have watched our estate grow rapidly thanks to the people in this great company. Presidio has opened the door to financial security not only for us, but our children and grandchildren as well. The best financial decision we ever made was to simplify our financial portfolio by selling our rental properties and investing in first trust deeds with Presidio Mortgage. No more rental headaches. We continue to like real estate investments and like the fact that trust deeds are tied to that market. In all our years with Presidio we have only gotten a couple of properties back and in each case, we sold the property for much more than our investment, which resulted in our financial portfolio growing faster. That is the great thing about trust deeds - you always have your name on a piece of property. Presidio brings financial security to their clients during an environment of extremely low bank interest rates and radically changing stock market. We like not having to worry about principal erosion. The people at Presidio Mortgage are extremely knowledgeable in their field. They are all easy to work with and always willing to take the time to respond to any questions we might have. They are committed to their clients. Their due diligence in researching a trust deed investment is extremely thorough. Any trust deeds presented to us would be trust deeds they themselves would invest in. We have the utmost confidence in this company. At Presidio, we are treated more like family than clients. We feel confident in recommending this company’s services in trust deed investing. We are pleased that after all these years this company continues to offer us great service. We look forward to continuing this relationship.
C.A. and L.A., Lenders